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The Center for Beef Excellence is pleased to announce the launch of on-farm Beef Excellence Teams. This program’s goal is proven to result in enhanced decision making and improved farm profitability. The application process will help us provide administration and oversight for these programs. Applications must be submitted to be eligible for funding.

Download and print the application form.
To print a copy of the information on this page, click here.

Funding levels are subject to availability and are as follows:

  • Beef Excellence Advisory Teams (focuses on whole farm business profit, identifying bottlenecks to profit, and planning.)
  • New Teams: up to $3,000.00
  • Target Advisory Teams (for specific problem area solving beef nutrition, beef quality, reproduction etc. with teams working for short periods of time.)
  • New Teams: up to $2,000.00
  • Succession/Transition Planning Teams (for farms transitioning their business in the next 5 - 10 years.)
  • New Teams: Up to $5,000.00 
  • To address Beef Excellence protocols on the farm, the center has offered this as a special option for the Target Team Program. Farms can select this option and identify animal health or beef nutrition as the area that they want to use the program to address. The center will provide the funding, along with specific resources, to help the farm address any issues in the specified area. The funding can cover the cost of paid team members, along with “discovery-related” costs.

     All farms that participate in the on-farm beef excellence team program must commit to:

    • Initial training coordinated through the Center for Beef Excellence.
    • A mid-year “check in training,” via conference call options.
    • Meet on a regular basis. Beef Advisory Teams must meet quarterly and Target Advisory Teams must meet at least twice. Succession/Transition Planning Teams must meet at least twice per year.
    • All teams must provide three goals for the year to the Center for Beef Excellence and their team.
    • Provide meeting notes to Center for Beef Excellence within 60 days after each meeting.
    • Provide invoices to the Center for Beef Excellence on a quarterly basis.
    • Provide feedback and beef business performance information as requested by the Center for Beef Excellence.
    • Have a risk management component to the team. This resource person must attend at least one meeting.
    • An application fee of $250.00 is required. 

    *Forms are available from the CBE to use in preparing meeting notes, invoices and other requested information. 

    Basic team descriptions follow below: 

    • Beef Excellence Team: A Beef Excellence Advisory Team is designed to be more profit focused and comprehensive in scope and include all key members of the operation consulting team.
    • Target Advisory Team: A Target Advisory Team is less business comprehensive and more targeted at a specific operational bottleneck or a new initiative that is being considered on the farm.
    • Succession/Transition Planning Team: The Succession/Transition Planning Team is for those farms interested in transitioning the business over the next 5-10 years.

     For more information about the on-farm Beef Excellence Team Program, visit or contact Ann Nogan at 570-687-3150 or