Pennsylvania Feeder Cattle & Carcass Improvement Program

Enhancing the Reputation of PA Cattle 

Program Goals: 

  1. Enhance the economic opportunities of PA cattle and PA Auction barns. 
  2. Identify cattle with superior health and/or genetic history to improve their marketability. 
  3. Improve the communication between buyers and sellers of cattle. 
  4. Enhance the reputation of PA cattle. 

Consider the following areas that potentially impact cattle performance. Pennsylvania consumers spend 4.5 billion dollars annually on beef products. With 11,880 beef producers assuring consumers with quality beef products from the 158,430 beef cattle providing income directly to PA farm owners. 

This new, voluntary effort serves the needs of two groups: producers and consumers. It is designed to benefit producers by complying with traceability needs for marketing, animal health programs and on-farm management, as well as coinciding with record-keeping systems and technology already in place. 

Consumers continue to seek information on where their food comes from, and this program answers that question. It is designed to serve as a symbol of producer commitment to producing a quality product. Further, identifying individual or groups of animals protects both producer and consumer interests. Value is added through increased market opportunity. To participate complete the form. ( place form link here) 

Level One: 

Vaccinations with required Recordkeeping

Vaccine, lot number, expiration date, dose, location of vaccination, administration must be listed in records.

Identify breed of sire 

Level Two (Level I + Level II requirements)


Weaning date listed in record

Minimum 45 Days on Feed

Level Three (Level I + Level  II + Level III requirements)

RFID Cattle ID certified

                Certification form required

                Individual record maintained

BQA certified

Level 4  (Level I + Level II + Level III + Level IV requirements)

Herd Sire Identified – EPD’s

                Registration Form listing sire and EPD’s required

Genomic Testing               


Recordkeeping is a requirement for this program to benefit the beef industry.  


Access to additional markets including:

  • Local retail and farm markets