November 14, 2012

PA Center for Beef Excellence to hold Beef Industry Council Meeting
Date changed to December 10th due to weather on original date 

HARRISBURG (Nov. 14) – The PA Center for Beef Excellence will hold a Beef Industry Council meeting at the Samuel E Hayes., Jr. Livestock Evaluation Center 1494 West Pine Grove Rd., PA Furnace PA on December 10, 2012 from 11:30am - 1:30pm. This meeting is for industry representatives and beef producers that are interested in moving the industry forward by sharing information to create profitability. Building partnerships and collaboration is extremely important today. Members from the original beef task force committee are invited to attend. 

This meeting will include an update by Dr. Craig Shultz on the USDA proposal on Animal Disease Traceability and the impact it will have on PA cattle producers when it becomes effective. Karen Powell, RMA will discuss the cattle insurance programs, Livestock Gross Margin and Livestock Risk Protection, and the benefits producers receive from them nationally. These risk management tools are currently unavailable to producers in Pennsylvania. Producers from other states are utilizing this protection. Pennsylvania producers in the western part of the state have made a request to have these programs included in PA. These issues are opportunities for those in the industry to become engaged and create improvements for the industry. Other industry speakers will be discussing programs they offer.

This meeting is important to many producers in the state and collaboration is needed to bring these risk management tools to PA. Thank you for your continued support of the Pennsylvania Beef Industry.  Educational and promotional materials may be shared from participating industry supporters. For more information contact Ann Nogan at 570-687-3150. 

The Center for Beef Excellence was established in 2007 to promote the beef industry through education, production efficiency, government and community relations, and economic development. Representing 28,000 beef producers in Pennsylvania with 1.61 million head of cattle, the industry generates over $2 billion in economic impact yearly in the Commonwealth. The Center for Beef Excellence is an equal opportunity provider.

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