December 31, 2009

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc. announced it has received the unanimous support of the Schroeppel, NY town board for the development of a large-scale integrated beef cattle closed-loop project. The project's initial phase will include finishing facilities for 72,000 head of beef cattle, ethanol production and an associated beef processing plant. 

When completed, Bion's 72,000-head, integrated and closed-loop beef cattle project will be the largest individual cattle livestock facility east of the Mississippi River. It will also be a worldwide model for environmental sustainability. 

The project's closed-loop architecture is intended to produce corn-based ethanol with a net energy balance at levels projected for future cellulosic ethanol. Bion's technology platform will produce renewable energy from livestock waste at a significantly greater per head rate than energy generated via the anaerobic digestion installations presently deployed in the livestock industry. 

Bion now enters the active “pre-development/pre-construction phase,” for this upstate New York project, a process anticipated to take up to two years. 
-- Bion Environmental Technologies Inc. release