February 28, 2012
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HARRISBURG (Feb. 28) – The PA Center for Beef Excellence is working for beef producers to implement initiatives that will create increased value and allow the beef industry to become more profitable.  The Center will be a leader in opening new markets and developing strategies and specifications to meet the changing global markets. 

Ann Nogan, Executive Vice President, realizes the PA Center for Beef Excellence understands the opportunities that the changing markets are creating for all in the industry. The Center's aim is to seek unity and facilitate collaboration within the industry to increase beef value and also increase economic activity.  These working partnerships are the basis to achieving these desired goals.  The bottom line is to sustain and expand the beef industry, while ensuring we produce an affordable product that consumers recognize and trust worldwide.

Cattlemen are committed to improving practices that encourage a sustainable industry. Masonic Village Farm in Elizabethtown PA, Lancaster County, recently won the National Environmental Stewardship Award.  They are a nonprofit continuing care retirement community owned and operated by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.  They market their beef through their on farm market. Their goal is to create an environmentally sound farming operation.  They are continually adding conservation practices that improve water quality and enhance wildlife habitat while improving production and profitability.  Frank Stoltzfus, farm manager, says they take blue skies and green grass and make red meat.  Their approach has created a sustainable market that brought them to this success.  It is an honor to have them represent Pennsylvania nationally.

As the Center continues to build a stronger beef industry concentrating on social, economic and environmental achievements not only will producers like Masonic Village benefit, but the benefit will impact consumers and communities as well.