October 9, 2009

American Humane® Certified (AHC) has officially launched its new humane training program that fully answers the food industry’s call for better trained animal handlers. The program’s curriculum focuses on best practices and the science-based standards originated by AHC and its Scientific Advisory Committee.

The new training is available online and on-site. An important aspect of the curriculum is the early recognition of behavior or health problems that could be detrimental to the individual animal or the entire flock or herd. It addresses animal-welfare issues and poor animal husbandry that are created by a lack of worker/handler knowledge. The program instructors are animal science professionals who will provide onsite demonstrations and guidance in appropriate handling and treatment, whether in the barn or in the field.

For more on AHC please go to www.thehumanetouch.org. For more on American Humane visit www.americanhumane.org.