Beef Industry

1. What is the Center for Beef Excellence?

2. How big is the Pennsylvania beef industry?

3. What organizations can I join in Pennsylvania to learn more about beef cattle?

Cattle Management

1. What kind of facilities do I need to keep beef cattle?

2. How much land do I need to raise a beef cow?

3. How much does it cost to keep a cow for a year?

4. What is the gestation period for a beef cow?

5. What do I feed to my cows during the winter when the pasture isn’t growing?

6. What minerals should I be feeding to my cows

7. How do I keep my cows healthy?

8. Should I provide creep feed for my calves?

9. When do I wean my calves?


1. What is the difference between seedstock and cow-calf farms?

2. What are club calves?

3. What are EPDs?

4. Why would I use AI in my herd?

Calf Marketing

1. How do I get my calves ready to sell?

2. Where can I market my beef calves?

3. What is ‘retained ownership’ and why should I consider it?

Feeder Cattle

1. How much does it cost to raise a feeder calf for beef?

2. How much beef do I get from one market animal?

3. How much grain should I feed my beef animal each day?

4. How much will my animal gain each day?

5. How do I know when my market beef is ready to be harvested?

6. Where can I get my market animals processed into beef?

Feedlot Management

1. Do I need any special permits to start a feedlot?

2. Where can I find calves for my feedlot?

3. How long will an animal remain in the feedlot?

4. What is implanting and why would I implant my feedlot calves?

5. Where do I get feed for my feedlot?

6. How do I manage the manure from a feedlot?

7. How do I market finished cattle?

8. What data is important for measuring the performance of my feedlot cattle?

Beef Products

1. What factors are important for great tasting beef?

2. What is marbling?

3. What is ‘dry-aging’ of beef?

4. What are the differences between cuts of beef?

5. What important nutrients are found in beef?

6. Where can I find locally raised beef?

7. What is the advantage to grass-fed beef?

8. What makes beef ‘organic’ or ‘natural’?

9. What risks are posed by hormones or antibiotics in my beef?